Angie ChaCha has extensive experience and qualifications in the following discplines:

Tarot Card Readings

Tarot Card Readings focus on Relationships, Love, Luck, Career, Finances & other Problematic Areas. They advise you on all matters of life & answer all your personal questions. Available: Single Card Spread, Two Card (Choices) Spread, Three Card (Past, Present & Future) Spread, Relationship Spread & Life Spread. This service is delivered via email or phone.

When you schedule your tarot card reading you will receive a detailed and highly accurate reading that covers the areas of your life where you feel you need the most guidance based upon the questions you ask in regards to those concerned areas.

Chakra Healing Sessions

Enlightens you to your Seven Chakras & where your blockages are through the service of Chakra Healing Sessions. The Seven Chakras are the energy centers in our bodies where energy flows. Extensive work is done in this area through cleansing with the assistance of binaural beats, food recommendations, crystal therapy & other healing methods. This session is in the form of a 56 question questionnaire that is conducted via phone. The test results & healing information is delivered via email.

When you schedule your chakra healing session you will answer a 56 question questionnaire that will help Angie ChaCha identify which chakras that you have blocked so that she can be of better service to assisting you in healing them.

Crystal Healing Therapy

Takes you the furthest into your healing with crystal energy work. Crystal healing therapy can cure ailments and protect against disease. This service is provided through the crystal healing jewelry & accessories that Angie ChaCha hand crafts & sells.

Golden Parchment

Numerology Analysis Reports

Numerology is a field that studies how numbers affect our lives. Your name & date of birth will be used to determine the different numbers that affect your personality & destiny; such as life path, essence, karmic numbers & so forth. Reports are provided via email. 

Angie ChaCha also has a great deal of knowledge in the numerology and astrology fields. She uses this knowledge to aid her in her work. She offers Numerological Analysis Reports that are typed & emailed. Numerology is very important in our lives as numbers play a big role in many areas of our lives from angel number messages to finances. She also assists in helping you to read your natal chart, which is your blueprint to who you are & what areas you will need to work on this lifetime so that you can ascend.

Spiritual Life Coaching Service

Provides you the knowledge & skills that you need to overcome any problematic area in your life. This service teaches you how to connect with your higher self & do the shadow work that is required, so that you can live a balanced, independent, free & unapologetic life. This service is based upon the needs of the client; therefore frequency of sessions will need to be discussed with Angie ChaCha so that your needs are best met.

When you schedule your life coaching session, Angie ChaCha will assist you in whatever areas that are troubling you & holding you back in life. Through her life experience she can assist in guiding you to healing. Many times we go through experiences in life and we don't know what steps to take to overcome those experiences. This can cause many of us to feel stuck; kind of like the feeling of slowly sinking in quick sand. This is where Angie ChaCha comes in to use her life experience and expertise from working with people & aiding them on their journey to assist you in removing your blockages & getting back on track.